Impedance Source Based Multi Phase Inverter Fed Variable Speed PMBLDC Motor Using Advance controller for Torque Ripple Minimization


  • Simon Darsingh M



Multi Phase, torque ripple, voltage saturation, PMSM, ZSI, IFOC, ASD (adjustable speed drive), vector control, and variable speed drives.


This paper presents the advance controlling system for multiphase PMBLDC motor. This permanent magnet synchronous motor has copper losses in stator, current vibration and harmonics due to wrong selection of rotor shape is generated by the voltage saturation and more torque ripple. This voltage saturation affects the performance of the motor. The proposed multiphase permanent magnet BLDC motor is to reduce the voltage saturation and also to minimize the torque ripple. The multiphase motor have more handling capacity, high reliability and to produce high torque at same ampere volume of machine. This multiphase topology is requiring high dc source and effective control method for high speed operation. The introduced Z-source topology is used to improve source voltage boost up ability without using any DC/DC converters. Further, it reduces the line harmonics, enhance the load power factor, gives ride through ability in the course of input voltage sags and increases inverter reliability. The IFOC control strategy is possible to achieve high reliable operation at input voltage sag conditions. The proposed Z-source networks as well as IFOC scheme based multi phase motor to attain the minimum torque ripples and high voltage gain in ASD (adjustable speed drive) are analyzed in MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment.


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Author Biography

Simon Darsingh M

Research Scholar Department of EEE, Maharishi University of Information Technology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


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