A Review of Different Multipliers in Digital Circuits


  • Alexander S




Serial and parallel multiplier, array multiplier, tree multiplier.


Multiplication is one of the basic functions in all digital circuits. It is widely used in digital signal processing (DSP) applications. Hardware resources utilization and processing time required by it are more than addition and subtraction. There are two different kinds of multiplication algorithms known as, serial multiplication algorithms and parallel multiplication algorithm. Serial multiplication schemes are widely used in sequential circuits, it contain feedback loop. Parallel multiplication algorithms often used in combinational circuits, it does not contain feedback structures. This paper presents various multiplier architectures. Multiplier architectures generally classified into two categories, one is tree multipliers and another one is array multipliers. Tree multipliers add as many partial products in parallel as possible and therefore, are very high performance architectures. Multiplication operation involves generation of partial products and their accumulation. The speed of multiplication can be increased by reducing the number of partial products.


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Author Biography

Alexander S

Department of ECE SKR Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil nadu.


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