For use in C, X, and Ku band applications, a design of a super compact ultrathin perfect angle polarization independent metamaterial absorber was developed.


  • R. Praveena Associate Professor,
  • S. Ramanikanth UG Student
  • V. S. Karthick UG Student
  • R. S. Tharun UG Student


An ultrathin, triple-band met material absorber that is exceedingly compact, polarization insensitive, and has wide angular stability is the subject of this publication's abstract. This absorber was developed by the authors of this research. Because the unit cell consisting of patches achieves virtually perfect absorption (approaching 100%), the term "perfect met material absorber" is appropriate to use in this context. At 4.75 GHz (C band), the building has an absorption efficiency of 99.96%, while at 9.47 GHz (X band) it is 99.98%, and at 14.40 GHz (Ku band), it is 99.62%. The volume of the building is only 7.20.80 mm3, despite the fact that its dimensions are relatively little. The thickness of the unit cell is 0.012 at its thinnest point when it is at its lowest cut-off frequency. A ring is located on the absorber's exterior, a split ring is located in the center, another ring is located on the absorber's interior, and there is a square line with triangular patches located on the sides. The electric or magnetic polarization of the incoming wave has no effect on absorption since it is matched and is not sensitive to it. In order to ensure that the suggested design is stable, a variety of incidence angles (for both TE and TM modes) and polarization angle combinations are tested. The values of absorption are found to be pretty close to 1. During the last step of the validation process, it was found that the simulated results and the measured ones were very well aligned.


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Author Biographies

R. Praveena , Associate Professor,

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College,

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India

S. Ramanikanth , UG Student

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College,

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India

V. S. Karthick, UG Student

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College,

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India

R. S. Tharun, UG Student

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College,

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India


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