Programmed Recognition of Water Reservoir in Rural Zones Using IOT


  • X.S. Asha Shiny
  • R. Jagadeesh Kannan


Currently, the environment consists of only 1% of water consumption to human. Year by year it is rapidly decreasing due to the unwanted wastage of water on rural cities each day. Most cosmopolitan cities spend water with their unconsciousness of forgetting about the state of our environment. Where people just turn on the tap during no water and let it open until it leaks out, it cost too much of water per day which will lead to insufficient of water on future for their generations. An automatic recognition system with level sensor is implemented to reduce this kind of wastages every day by IOT device. Level sensor inserted to each and every people’s reservoir to control the additional flow of water wastage during power on and off in rural zones. This implementation helps out automatically when water reach the complete level of reservoir, intimation is sent to the main board to control the action of switch ON and OFF operation of circuits without any manual work. By this, hold the state of water which should not cross the limit to insufficiency on future. Save per drop a sec, per litter an hour, per gallon a day doesn’t cost you too much, but saves millions of thirsts for future.


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Author Biographies

X.S. Asha Shiny

Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, Autonomous Institution, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

R. Jagadeesh Kannan

Professor, School of Computing Science & Engineering, Director - Innovation and Incubation Centre, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai Campus, Vandalur Kelambakkam Road, Chennai – 600 127, TamilNadu, India


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