Spontaneous Exposure of Aquatic smooth on Turfs via IOT


  • Ganeshbabu T.R. Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College (Autonomous), Rasipuram-637408, Tamil Nadu, India
  • R. Praveena Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Muthayammal Engineering College (Autonomous), Rasipuram – 637408 Tamil Nadu, India


In Agriculture area where farmers won’t keep on watch their fields are filled with water all the time. They start the pump to fill water to the fields and leave until with a calculation of hour basis. But, in short time the fields are full and the crops are ready to get excess of water. Too much of water make the crops sick and fall soon. Our proposed work, designing a IOT based board to control the water level on the field with the help of water level sensor and automatic walls which block water as well as drop water when it exceeds level. Motor pump connected to the board where it senses level of water sensor and send a message back to the motor to turn off. It doesn’t need any manual operation to switch off your motor when fields are filled. Once motor is ON, the water started to flow on fields and walls will block if water is enough for the fields. These lead us to avoid unwanted crop damage on an aquatic area with spontaneous discovery of smooth over fields.


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