Current Fed Switched Inverter Using Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) For Grid Application


  • Goba Galma
  • Balachandra Pattanaik


CFSI, PV, I&C, Grid, SMC.


For the grid applications, the current fed switched inverter (CFSI) is designed to distribute the energy using the Photo-Voltaic system is proposed in this paper. It has high gain generation ratio and using less passive components. The inverter circuit is powered by the PV model of two diodes and the uninterrupted supply to the inverter circuit is done by the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of Incremental and conductance algorithm. In this system, the both switched boost characteristics and the source inverter characteristics are combined at the single stage power generation. The current in the utility grid is controlled and maintained by the sliding mode controller (SMC) controller. The SMC controls the harmonics in current, settling time of DC link voltage, and the high voltage gain achievement. The solar generates 24V and the dc link capacitor is 230V obtained by the CFSI and the system verified using MATLAB/Simulink.


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Author Biographies

Goba Galma

PG Student, M.Sc.(Power Engineering) , Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia, Africa.

Balachandra Pattanaik

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, BHU, Bule Hora, Ethiopia, Africa.


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