Low Power DSP Architecture For OFDM


  • Aboud Mohammed Qahtani


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The design of Single Error Correction Double Adjacent Error Detection- Trio and Tetra Adjacent Error Detection (SEC-DAED-TAED-Tetra AED) codes through bit placement algorithm(BPA) is discussed by means of a smaller amount number of parity bits. In existing method, with the help of hamming code SEC- DAED are designed. There is the need of adding one parity bit to identify the Trio adjacent error in SEC-TAED, which occupies high time. To avoid this difficulties in this paper proposed the SEC-DAED-TAED- Tetra AED. In proposed TAED, to identify the errors there is no necessitate of using parity bits. Compare to the existing method the proposed method provides high efficiency by utilizing BPA which is used in the space communication application to transfer the data. The proposed method is implemented in XILINX ISE tool.


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Author Biography

Aboud Mohammed Qahtani

UG Student, Department of Information Technology and Security, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia.


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