Health Observation System Using Cloud Computing


  • Fuhaid Aldossary


Hospital information system, Mobile Health Observing system, Interoperability, linked data, cloud computing.


Mobile Health Observing systems (MHOS) face additional challenges in personalized health records processing than general medical services provided within hospitals. To achieve custom-made and high - quality health observation, new technologies are developed, such as mobile system along with the cloud based computing system. In this paper, a skeleton of Mobile Health observing system based on a cloud computing (Cloud - MHOS) is considered. Moreover, the elements of the structure, which are Cloud Storage, Healthcare Data explanation Layer, several Tenants Access Control Layer, and Health checkup records Analysis Layer, are conversed. In the layer of data storage, a several tenant access technique is intended to defend patient privacy preserving. In the data clarification layer, linked open data are adopted to augment health records inter-operability semantically. In the records analysis layer, the process mining algorithm and parallel calculating system are implemented to support personalized handling plan selection. These three modules work together in performing the heart functions in the process of health observing, which data are processing, data storage, and information analysis. Finally, that studies the application of our operation in the observing of procedure to display the usability of method in personal health checkup analysis.


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Author Biography

Fuhaid Aldossary

UG Student, Department of Information Technology and Security, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia.


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