Library Management System Based on Data Mining Using Android Application


  • Majid Mohammad Asiri


Library Management System, Data mining, Android, Modules


Android is used in mobile devices and it includes the operating system and other applications. Android application has the large set of cores in the libraries and includes the java programming language. Recently, android has large number of users and it is more popular. In this paper, Library Management System (LMS) based on data mining using android application is presented. It is easy to access the library in mobile application and it also saves the time. LMS is build by using two types of modules they are, admin module and user module. In admin module, the administrator checks the book details and updates the book details and stores the details in database. And in user module, the user selects the book and the token will be generated and saved in the database. Data mining technique is used to build the LMS by using android application.


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Author Biography

Majid Mohammad Asiri

UG Student, Department of Information Technology and Security, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi Arabia.


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