Zeta DC-DC Converter Based on MPPT Technique for BLDC Application


  • Nigur Manie
  • Balachandra Pattanaik


Wind, Zeta converter, Wind, BLDC, Wind MPPT.


Zeta converter based BLDC motor for industrial applications is proposed in this paper. Speed of the motor is controlled by using the back EMF with hysteresis controller. The proposed method is designed and implemented to attain speed and reduce the input voltage fluctuations. It gives high voltage gain ratio with improved capability. It is a combination of zeta and quadratic boost converter. An improved design is implemented inverter output voltage, and speed of the motor is verified using MATLAB/Simulink.


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Author Biographies

Nigur Manie

PG Student, Power Engineering, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bule Hora University, Bule Hora, Ethiopia, Africa.

Balachandra Pattanaik

Professor, Department of Electrical And Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, BHU, Bule Hora, Ethiopia, Africa.


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