• Shermin Shamsudheen
  • Azath mubarakali


Antenna IoT, Smart agriculture, Sensors.


IoT means Internet of Things; it is a booming technology in all over automation technologies. Actual time weather observance is the most needed for agriculture, as much agriculture allied issues can be solved by actual time weather observance system. Water is a precious and necessary one in the world. So we need to use the water in need level and avoid the water wastage, it saves the water. We use sensors in the agriculture industry to do smart agriculture. This sensor aided to check the agriculture environment and provide the data about the land fields. In this system, monitor the agriculture by using wireless sensor technology. By using the sensors we can monitor real time datas are water level, soil moisture, temperature and humidity.


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Author Biographies

Shermin Shamsudheen

Faculty of Computer Science and Information systems, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia.

Azath mubarakali

Assistant professor, Department of Computer Networks and Communication Engineering, College Of Computer Science, King Khalid university, Saudi Arabia.


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