Design and Optimization of Monopole Antenna for High Data rate Applications


  • Parasuraman S



Antenna Design, Reflection Co-efficient, SWR, Directivity, Gain.


In general an antenna is act as a transceiver for transmitting and receiving signals with high frequency. It is very important in real time and portable high data rate applications. The parameters decide the characterize of the antenna, the perfectness of antennae are the source resistance of the excitation source that feeds the antennae, characteristic impedance of the transmission line that feeds the antennae, the geometry of the antennae itself, the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, the Reflection Coefficient, the Directivity, Horizontal Gain, Vertical Gain, Total Gain, radiation pattern, the magnitude of the electric field, efficiency, the current distribution and voltage distribution in the geometry of the antenna. The main parameters to be optimized for wideband portable application are the Gain, Directivity and Efficiency. Monopole antenna transmits the signal in a particular direction only. This work addresses the problem of Gain and Directivity by cascading multiple geometrical structures as well as changing the metal by which the geometrical structure is manufactured. By cascading simple structures it is possible to obtain the same directivity and gain provided by complex structures. The work identifies the second problem of efficiency by using stub or electrical networks as resonators. The stubs are designed by using impedances and admittances information provided by Smith chart at a particular frequency. The tool used for simulation is 4nec2 which stands for Numerical Electromagnetic Code. The frequency of operation used for analysis 300MHz. The wavelength in this frequency of operation is 1m.


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Author Biography

Parasuraman S

Research Scholar, St. Peters University, Chennai - 600054, Tamil Nadu, India.


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