Cloud Connected Smart Gas Cylinder Platform Senses LPG Gas Leakage Using IOT Application


  • Ravichandran S



GAS, IoT, Wi-Fi, ARM, Temperature.


This paper explains about the most common problem experienced in our day- to- day lives that is regarding GAS container going empty. We bring this paper to create awareness about the reducing weight of the gas in the container, and to place a gas order using IOT. The gas booking/order is being done with the help IOT and that the continuous weight measurement is done using a load cell which is interfaced with a Microcontroller (to compare with an ideal value). When it comes it to security of the kit as well as gas container we have an MQ-2(gas sensor), LM 35(temperature sensor), which will detect the surrounding environment for any chance of error. Whenever any change is subjected in any of the sensors (load cell, LM35, Mq-2) a siren (60db) is triggered.


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Author Biography

Ravichandran S

Vice Chancellor St.Peters University, Avadi, Chennai.


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