• Yogeeswaran S
  • Ramesh G P



Carrier less amplitude and phase modulation (CAP), Bit Error rate (BER), Verilog Hardware description language (HDL), Area-Delay-Product (ADP), Modelsim, Xilinx


Nowadays, Carrier less Amplitude and Phase (CAP) Modulation has been used in various industrial applications because of its simplicity and bandwidth efficiency. In this paper, a novel CAP modulation technique has been used for OFDM in wireless communication system. To reduce the spectrum efficiency losses and improving the speed of the data transmission are the main requirements of the wireless communication systems. In conventional technologies transmitter takes long time to modulate and encode the signal, the time delay occurred during the conversion is suffers the total Li-Fi networks. In order to overcome this problem, novel modulation techniques have been proposed such as Carrier less amplitude and phase modulation (CAP) and Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) Modulation. The design simulation is carried out in ModelSim XE III 6.3C and Synthesized in Xilinx ISE 10.1 by using Verilog HDL Language.


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Author Biographies

Yogeeswaran S

Research Scholar, St.Peters University, Chennai, India.

Ramesh G P

Professor, Department of ECE, St.Peters University, Chennai, India.


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