• shyam sundar S



AVR Board, IOT, ESP8266, Sensors, Sensor Fusion, Dry-Run, Over Load.


This paper describesthe construction and integration of multiple sensor into single board with reduced decoupling effect, relay being a part of the board while integrating noise will be produced due to heavy load consumption to prevent this I proposed using sensor fusion technology as being used for numerous applications.The proposed system is an AVR based wireless sensor node and it has the features of continuous monitoring of specified parameters with easy deployment procedures and increase the battery lifetime. In this paper IOT has been established by ESP8266 module which helps in data transmission from remote location in farm to the user. The sensor node consists of various sensors to monitor the values of soil moisture content, Rain intensity, current consumed by the motor by which calculating the dry-run condition and over load condition of the motor and it also helps in providing details of the current consumption of the motor.


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Author Biography

shyam sundar S

Dept. Electronics and communication engineering Easwari engineering college,Chennai.


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