A Reliability Aware Flooding Algorithm (RAFA) In Wireless Multi-hop Networks


  • Sakthidevi I




Flooding is a mechanism that distributes packets to every node of the network. The flooding mechanism is frequently used in many operations in wireless multi-hop networks. Since flooding exploits hop-by-hop broadcasting that suffers from unreliable transmission and fading, it is hard to achieve the reliability in flooding. As unreliable flooding may lead to a coverage hole,it will have a negative effect upon upper layer protocols. In this paper, we introduce a Reliability Aware Flooding Algorithm (RAFA), which estimates the expected reliability using two-hop topology knowledge. The estimated reliability is used for deciding whether or not to retransmit a packet. Using NS-2 simulator, we show that RAFA achieves the higher reliability than RBP by adjusting the number of retransmissions considering the network topology, regardless of the network topologies, the node density or the number of bottlenecks.


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Author Biography

Sakthidevi I

Lecturer, Raja College of Engineering & Technology, Veerapanjan, Madurai.


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