Study For Congestion Control in Mobile Adhoc Networks


  • Thirunadana Sikamani K



In recent years a number of papers have presented theoretical solutions to this problem that are based on combining differential-backlog scheduling algorithms with Utility-based congestion control .Reducing packet loss in MANETs typically involves congestion control running on top of a mobility and failure adaptive routing protocol at the network layer. In the current designs, routing is not congestion-adaptive. Routing may let a congestion happen, which is detected by congestion control, but, to deal with this fact, it may be too late (i.e., long delay and many packets already lost) or require significant overhead if a new route is needed. This problem becomes more visible especially in large-scale transmission of high traffic such as multimedia data, where congestion is more probable and the negative impact of packet loss on the service quality is more of significance.


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Author Biography

Thirunadana Sikamani K

HOD, CSE Dept St.Peters University, Chennai.


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