• Nivedha M
  • Priyadharshini V
  • Rathi Meena K



Mutiply-Accumulator (MAC), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Vedic Multiplier, Square Root Carry Select Adder (SQRT CSLA), Carry Select Adder (CSLA), Booth Multiplier, Wallace Tree Multiplier.


The Multiply-Accumulate unit is the main computational kernel in Digital Signal Processing application. To determine the speed of the entire hardware systems, the Multiply and Accumulate Unit (MAC) always play an important role. The efficient MAC Unit is used to support the variable precisions and parallel functions with high desirability. In this work, 64 Bit MAC Design using area efficient Vedic Multiplier and Square Root Carry-Select Adder (SQRT CSLA) for DSP Processors is implemented. To design a N*N Vedic MAC Design, four N/2*N/2 Vedic Multiplier and Square Root Carry Select Adder are required for an efficient design. Various adders such as Ripple Carry Adder, Carry Save Adder, Square root Carry Select Adder and multipliers such as Booth Multiplier, Wallace Tree Multiplier and Vedic Multiplier are analyzed. Conventional MAC design is implemented using Vedic Multiplier with Ripple Carry Adder (RCA). To reduce the Look-Up Tables (LUTs), Delay and Power, the Vedic Multiplier with Square Root Carry Select Adder (SQRT CSLA) is proposed in this work. The Conventional and Proposed MAC design are coded in Verilog HDL Language, synthesized using Xilinx ISE and simulated using Modelsim XE. Number of LUT Counts, Delay and Power of the conventional MAC and Proposed MAC are compared.


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Author Biographies

Nivedha M

B.E (ECE), Associate Professor (ECE) SSN College Of Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 603110.

Priyadharshini V

B.E (ECE), Associate Professor (ECE) SSN College Of Engineering, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 603110.

Rathi Meena K

B.E (ECE), Associate Professor (ECE) SSN College Of Engineering, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu- 603110.


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