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Improved Soft Start Capability of Induction Motor Using Solar Power Generation Based Z Source Inverter


This Paper present the photovoltaic power generation based Z Source inverter fed induction motor for enhanced soft start capability. The solar decentralization of power generation and increasing purpose of non-conventional energy sources has become requirement to assume a low cost power generating system for operating in remote areas. The Solar Power Generation System based Z Source inverter for feeding dynamic (induction motor drive) as well as static load is proposed and implemented for rural and remote areas. Hence, in this topology used to achieve better efficiency and reliability of the system while compared to conventional VSI type scheme. The solar cell model is formulated using basic single diode circuit equations of the photovoltaic cells admitting the effects of temperature changes and solar irradiation. Here, the Z- Source inverter is uses a unique impedance network coupled with inverter circuit and also used to realize the boosted DC to AC conversion. Induction motor has ability to self start outstanding to the interaction between the rotor winding flux and rotating magnetic field flux, inducing a high rotor current as torque is increased. In this paper proposed the design of soft starter fed induction motor by controlling the applied voltage. It is used to provide the low cost, size, better performance of startup machine, Controlled acceleration and improvement of efficiency. The corresponding simulation results have been verified using Matlab/Simulink Environment.


Photovoltaic (PV) Cell, Soft Starter, Z Source Inverter, Induction Motor (IM), Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)



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