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VLSI Architecture Based Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) With Optimized Inverse Mix-Column and X-Time Multiplication Process


Rijndael is the security based methodology used to protect the information from the attackers. Rijndael algorithms perform with the data encryptions and data decryptions. Data Encryption is transform the plain text into the cipher text and the data decryption is recovering the original data. Mix-column and Inverse Mix-column is one of the difficult operations in the Rijndael algorithm. In this paper, Optimized Inverse Mix-Column transformation has been designed with the help of Xtime multiplication process. Xtime multiplication performs the multiplication function for m X m data; results will be m-bit data. Further the complexity of Xtime multiplication process has been identified and re-designed with the help of effective CSE techniques. Developed Reduced Xtime based optimized Inverse Mix-Column transformation provide better performances than traditional Xtime based Inverse Mix-Column multiplication. The proposed mix column and X-time multiplication design is implemented in terms of the VLSI Design Environment.


Advanced Encryption Standard, Mix-column, X-time Multiplication, Very Large Scale Integration.



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