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Design and Implementation of Smart Glass with Voice Detection Capability to Help Visually Impaired People


The present innovation has wearable device answers for ease the issues of handicapped people. Student-GLASS is a wearable smart camera device built with a powerful microcontroller that has the ability to see what we, normal people, are seeing, understands the user voice requests and supplies the relevant information using auditory feedback through an earphone. The device aims to improve the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired people and makes them understand their surroundings in a clear way as close as to a normal person at an affordable cost. The device consists of an OV7670 camera sensor based vision module, which can capture up to VGA resolution pictures. The device depends on the services of a smart phone for its voice recognition capabilities. A special voice recognition app must be installed on the smart phone which will communicate with the device using a Bluetooth connection. The device supports memory card up to 4GB, to store the necessary audio and image files. It is capable of generating high quality MP3 audio using VS1011e, a DSP based audio codec chip. The user can interact with the device using a four input capacitive touch buttons built into it. This is helpful when the user doesnt have a smart phone or if its data connectivity is lost.


Wearable, Smart Camera Device, Recognize Objects, Recognize Obstacles and Bluetooth



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