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Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks By Channel Estimation And Relay Assignment Using Data-Aided Techniques


MIMO-OFDM is the recently developing channel estimation technique for achieving high speed and reliable communication. The resource allocation in wireless communication is analysed by using channel estimation technique. Pair of users communicates each other through multiple two way relays in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing modulation transmission systems. The total throughput is maximized by data-aided estimation technique using relay selection, channel and relay assignment. The set of most reliable data carriers among the relays is determined using this data aided estimation technique. The evaluation of the network total throughput with respect to transmit power node and the number of relay nodes are analysed through simulation. In this work, the improvement in sum rate with optimum carrier assignment using proposed algorithm is demonstrated against the classical work.


Resource Allocation, Relay Selection, Carrier Assignment, Throughput Maximization.



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